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Ana Balen (Weekly Author Spotlight 26 July 2021)

AUTHOR BIO Ana Balen was born in Zagreb, Croatia, where she still lives with her husband, their son (read boss!) and the son’s pet rabbit named Shhh! (or some other gibberish that’s the favorite of their son for the day.) … Read More

Book Spotlight – Quietus (The Death Witch #1) by D.J Hawkins

BLURB A prophecy of death, a power unparalleled, and a fate she can’t defy. There is an age-old prophecy that foretells of a girl born from death itself. Devlin Raben is that girl, a witch born with death trailing her … Read More

Anna B. Doe (Weekly Author Spotlight 28 June 2021)

AUTHOR BIO Anna B. Doe is a young adult and new adult contemporary romance author. She writes real-life romance that is equal parts sweet and sexy. She’s a coffee and chocolate addict. Like her characters, she loves those two things … Read More

Book Spotlight – Snake Bandit by Nikki Ashton

BLURB When Dirty Riches have taught you how to rock, the rest don’t stand a chance! Summer has arrived and all the kids of the band Dirty Riches have plans Eliza wants to get Rocco to fall in love with … Read More

H.C. Newell (Debut Author Spotlight June 2021)

AUTHOR BIO My name is H.C. Newell. I’m 28 years old and live with my husband in Nashville, TN. I’ve been working on this series for seven years, and have just recently decided to publish after completing half of my … Read More

KM Lowe (Weekly Author Spotlight 31 May 2021)

AUTHOR BIO My name is Kelly, but I write under the pen name of KM Lowe. I live in Scotland, with my husband, 2 kids, and two dogs. I love reading writing, walking, swimming, and cycling. I have a love … Read More

Book Spotlight – The Lost Mage (War of the Wood #1) by Ben Alderson

BLURB A Mad Queen. A host of ancient dragons. A jealous heir. Maximus Wodlin hated magic. Long before it erupted from him, killing the son of Master Gathrax and altering the course of his life forever. Over 100 years had … Read More

Clare Bentley (Weekly Author Spotlight 24 May 2021)

AUTHOR BIO Clare Bentley is a married mother of a son and a daughter, who are now adults. She was raised by a single mother and didn’t care to know her abusive biological father, instead considering her stepfather to be … Read More

Brittany Oldroyd (Weekly Author Spotlight 10 May 2021)

AUTHOR BIO Brittany Oldroyd lives in Idaho with her husband and their two boys. She loves kickboxing, anime, and all things art-related. She’s also obsessed with fantasy and science fiction and spends most of her reading time devouring books in … Read More