Newsletter Blast – Freebie Friday



Scheduling a Newsletter Blast with authorTree for your book will be sent to our entire Reader Central Book subscriber list with no more than nine other titles on the scheduled day.

Your listing in our newsletter will include your book cover, your blurb up to 150 words, and a purchase link. You may book this feature at Free value only (must be a link to retailer such as amazon, barnes & noble, etc…).

Please note that although results vary from book to book, this promotion is ideal for authors who would like to sell between 20 and 200 copies (This estimate is based on free deals with great cover, blurb, and writing). 

Our readers love the following genres: Hot Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Dystopian, Young Adult, and SciFi Romance, though we have readers in all genres.

Results are not guaranteed. By purchasing this promotion, you agree that you are paying us to feature your title, that you are not paying for guaranteed results, and that the performance of your promotion will be dependent on your product.

Our guarantee is that we’ll share your deal with our readers on your selected date; your requirement is to submit a title they will love!

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