Top Essential Author Resources

Top essential author resources (for indie or traditionally published authors) are listed below. If there’s a resource you use religiously that we’ve left off, please share it in the comments below and give them some love.

#1 Book Formatting Tool for Mac Users

Create Beautifully formatted books in a matter of minutes. No really.

There are many formatting tools out there that authors (including myself) have tried and failed at, except for Vellum. Vellum is a next level book formatting tool that’ll save you money, time, and give you control on how you want your book formatted. Get this tool today and see how it can change your life! 

I’m 100% sure you’ll love it!


Microsoft word is cool…but not exactly great for authors. Check out how you can improve your writing with author-specific tools that make a world of difference.

Scrivener is a tool that’s sure to make any writer’s life that much easier. Sure you can write a book using Microsoft Word, however, when a tool like Scrivener comes along, a tool that’s been designed by authors for authors, you can’t just overlook it.

Fabulous things about Scrivener are:

  • Help boost your productivity
  • Get you organized
  • Layout your book so you know what your story is going

ProWritingAid calls itself a “grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor” all wrapped up in in one nice little package. Get this fabulous editing software if you’re wanting to spend less time in edit rounds.  

Some of the pros about this tool from the source:

  • ProWritingAid will fix your writing and grammar everywhere
  • ProWritingAid will help to improve your word choices and vernacular
  • ProWritingAid will conform to your writing style
  • ProWritingAid also integrates with Scrivener and Google Drive

Use the following coupon code to get your 20% off: READERCENTRAL

  • It doesn’t get any more free-er than Google Drive mobile cloud service offered to anyone with a gmail account.
  • Some benefits of Google Drive:
  • With a name like google, you’ll have the security for your hard work.
  • Remember that one time when your heart nearly died when you thought you lost all of your heard work? With your words being saved every few seconds, this is a feeling you’ll never have experience ever again.
  • Accidentally deleted words a day or so ago and never released it until now? With Google Drive, you’ll have the luxury of recovering all of those words at a later date!
  • Get through your edits faster by having your editor edit on the google docs and getting your real time edits done faster, plus collaboration.
  • Get your first 5 GB storage space on each personal google account. 


Here are the tools you can use to create book covers.

If you’re feeling a bit creative check out Canva pro.  This is one of our favorite design tools that made our life easier with little to no effort. We’ve created killer book teasers, social media post images images, fun images into our book formatting, plus much much more. 

Fiverr is not ideal for making professional covers but then again, many of us can’t afford top-notch designers or software. So, Fiverr might be a great place to start.

One of my favorite all time free 3D-Book Cover maker! It makes my life easier when I try to create promotional images. Go check them out today!


Best way to gain readers and keep them interested.

My all-time favorite email service, and yes, I have tried many of them. Mailerlite was one of the first email service to adopt GDPR rules.

AppSumo is a fabulous site that you should keep an eye on. We’ve received email reminders for some fabulous tools and deals! One deal that we loved and couldn’t resist was the 100 deposit photos for just $39.


Great looking website brings readers that much closer to your books! 

Elementor is an intuitive, front-end site builder for WordPress. It empowers designers to take full control over their sites and complete projects faster than ever before.


  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • High-quality page templates
  • Good selection of elements
  • Theme Builder tool for creating custom header and footer layouts
  • Helpful video guides

Your website is an invaluable asset. Think of it as your virtual office.  In some cases, it’s your own ATM, too. This is why you want to be extremely careful who you entrust it to. And BlueHost is a top candidate for hosting.


  • Bluehost is an Established Brand
  • Performance is First-Rate
  • It’s WordPress Approved
  • Bluehost is very affordable only $2.95/mth!
  • Security is a Priority
  • Bluehost Offers Easy Integrations
  • Bluehost Offers Easy Integrations
  • Customer Support is Dependable
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee


I gave siteground a try and currently using it on readercentral and I couldn’t be more happier with their service – I now use them for all of my author websites.  I HIGHLY recommend SiteGround.


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