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Highly Effective Writing Hacks to Write More Words Everyday

Writing is hard. Many struggle to write consistently.  So we hope you find these top 7 writing hacks useful to get you going!

1) Turn off your Inner Editor

Yes. You heard that right. You know, that voice that’s inside your head, that critics everything you write and urges you to rewrite every paragraph until you’ve exhausted yourself striving for perfection? Yeah that one.

Turn. It. Off.

Instead try to leave yourself notes so you can come back to it once you’ve completed.

Examples: Add character details here.

Or: This action scenes needs more fantasy elements to it.

This will allow you to keep writing without getting stuck and loosing your momentum.

2) Don't be Dug.

You know who Dug is, right? The very lovable golden retriever from the Pixar Movie – Up? Yeah. Don’t be him. 

It’s so hard to stay focused. Squirreling is a real struggle for many of us authors and I understand the ever losing battle.

Instead Disable your wifi network (because we know more than half of struggle comes from scrolling through social media feeds).

And/or: Leave your phone in another room.

3) Participate in word sprints

This right here ladies and gentlemen, is the gold mine of epic writing.

Word sprints are done with a few of your fellow writers all determined to write, write, write. 

These usually run in a 20-30 min cycles and are incredibly addicting. My favorite group to follow is: Write 10k in a Day — Challenge Group.

Go check it out!

Don’t care to mingle with others? I feel you. I’ve heard many authors swear by: Write or Die which is an online web application that lets you word sprint against yourself—with horrible consequences when you fall behind. Give it a shot at WriteorDie.com and let us know what you think of it.

4) Never End Your Writing at the End of a Chapter

For many writers (including experienced ones), the most difficult part of writing is getting started. To avoid this I-don’t-know-what-I-should-write-next, end every writing session with at least one sentence into the next scene or chapter.

This will:

1) help continue writing where you left off, without needing to think


2) You’ll more than likely feel motivated from the previous momentum you got from the previous session, because you’re not putting any effort to plan/think/write. You’re simply writing.

5) Sit Down and Write

For many of us motivation is a key factor and who can blame us? Writing essentially for many is a part time gig. 

Many authors are parents, full-time employees, have other obligations to full-fill. So the thought of having to sit down and write 5000 words is daunting. 

Try to write 10 words. Then 50, then 100. And if you’re feeling motivated, keep writing until you can’t.

6) Write What Excites You

Sometimes you just need a little boost. A little kick-start to your mojo. Soooo write.

Just sit and write what excites you the most. Maybe what you’re most excited about is completely off script or completely out of the sequence of your book. But that’s okay!

You just keep writing to help you go one step closer to getting your book published.

7) Write the Hardest Part Last

Why? Because sometimes you just get stuck. Writer’s block is real and many of us struggle with it.

So when that happens, instead of dwelling in it or trying to find your mojo, skip it.

Skip it for now and come back to it once everything’s been completed. Hey and who knows, by the time you’re all wrapped up with the book, this might not feel as undoable as it did when you skipped it.

So, what do you think of our list of writing hacks? Do you have any other ways you get yourself motivated? Leave us a comment and let us know! We want to hear your writing hacks that keep you motivated and writing.

Remember at the end of it all, no matter how little or how off-topic you might write, you’re still making progress.

So don’t give up.

Use our writing hacks to keep you going forward. Remember writing those 10 words every day until those 10 words become 100, then a 1000, then 10,000… You get the point.

Now go own those words.

Happy writing, everyone!

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