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Top 5 disastrous mistakes that could cost you more than you realize.

5 disastrous formatting mistakes you probably don’t know you’re making

5 disastrous formatting mistakes to avoid

authorTree has formatted dozens of paperbacks and ebooks over the past few months. So, here are the 5 disastrous formatting mistakes to avoid. Some of the books we’ve worked with earlier during our formatting process were previously formatted books. So, naturally (or naively perhaps) we expected them to be quick and easy to re-format. But when we started working with

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Easy Way To Gain Facebook Likes
Marketing For Authors

Easy Way To Gain Facebook Likes

Want a quick and easy way to gain Facebook Likes from people that will most likely follow you? Then keep reading. We’ve got quick tip to share! Go to one of your facebook posts that your readers had reacted with an emoji –> You’ll see a list of readers that reacted –> Click the “Invite” button next to the ones that haven’t followed you,

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Highly Effective Writing Hacks to Write More Everyday Blog Title
writing tips

Highly Effective Writing Hacks to Write More Words Everyday

Writing is hard. Many struggle to write consistently.  So we hope you find these top 7 writing hacks useful to get you going! 1) Turn off your Inner Editor Yes. You heard that right. You know, that voice that’s inside your head, that critics everything you write and urges you to rewrite every paragraph until you’ve exhausted yourself striving for

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